About SpaceDAO 

Space DAO is a groundbreaking project started as part of
the European Space Agency's campaign about Cognitive Cloud Computing
ran on the Open Space Innovation Platform

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What is Space DAO?

Space DAO is a technical implementation for the governance of space applications with high uncertainty and collaboration challenges.

It designed to:

  • Establish consensus on measurements and data from multiple sources
  • Enhance quality assurance through network consensus
  • Create a thriving marketplace for data insights and analytics

Our unique approach empowers a diverse range of stakeholders to contribute and benefit from our platform. These stakeholders include:

  • Data providers: Contributors who share measurements and analyses, receiving rewards for their valuable input
  • Data users: Professionals who leverage the knowledge within Space DAO for their projects, potentially becoming data providers themselves by offering their analyses
  • Regulators and Space Policy makers: the analysts and thinkers who build and test new rules for space traffic, disaster response or any other space application organisation
  • Maintainers: Developers who make sure rules are well implemented to support healthy automated network interactions

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Challenges We Address

Space DAO aims to provide a comprehensive solution for these challenges, fostering collaboration, trust, and efficiency in the space industry.

Space Situational Awareness faces several pressing issues today:

  • Increasing numbers of defunct or rogue satellites posing risks to other satellites
  • Overwhelming variations in data certainty across a growing number of data providers
  • Multiple, often conflicting measurements with no mathematical single source of truth per collision warning
  • Lack of standardized agreements for effective rule-making
  • Distrust and absence of timely, accurate data

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Key features

This disruptive platform offers unique features:

  • Consensus Mechanism and Governance: Space DAO integrates a consensus mechanism and a governance system, ensuring agreements are reached effectively and efficiently.
  • Data Trust Augmentation: By fusing data from various sources for each event, Space DAO increases each event's trustworthiness.
  • Network Consensus Distribution: Our platform provides a consensus distribution for each measurement, allowing users to assess data conformity.
  • Delta to Network Consensus: Providers can benchmark their data against network consensus, ensuring data quality assurance and improvement.

Join the community on this journey as we pioneer a new era of space applications governance and help shape a fair and collaborative future for the space industry.